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Google Ads is difficult to set up right. Many advertisers become disillusioned when they give it a try only to find the adverts don't work. Setting up the account and campaigns correctly makes a big difference to the success.

In this course we show you how to set up your account correctly and move from Smart mode to Express mode. We show you how to navigate around the dashboard, what to write in your advert, how to understand when to create a new Campaign or when to create a new AdGroup.  We discuss keyword strategy and key metrics like Click Through Rate.



What you'll learn

  • Understanding  how to move an account from the Smart to Expert mode
  • Understanding the hierarchy of Campaigns and AdGroups
  • Knowing when to start a new Campaign
  • Knowing when to create a new AdGroup
  • Getting ideas for how to write the best advert
  • Understanding Ad Extensions
  • Ability to use Google's Keyword Planner Tool
  • Ability to use Google Trends
  • Navigating the Google Ads dashboard
  • Understanding the key metrics, like Click Through Rate
  • Being able to preview your live advert


Watch the course trailer to discover if this is the right course for you.



Google Ads is best for small, local businesses who want a no-fuss, easy way to get on page one of Google in your local suburb, capital city, country town, region, state or province.

Businesses who have benefited from this course include;

  • dog-groomers
  • physiotherapists
  • driving schools
  • cafe suppliers
  • home painters and decorators
  • roof renovators
  • lawyers
  • accountants

This course is great for Google Ads beginners or if you have tried to get Google Ads going but they haven't worked.



Watch our sample lesson. If you like the teaching style in this video, you'll love our course.


Affiliate Marketers

If you're an affiliate marketer looking for great products with great commission - you'll find this Google Ads course is perfect.

Contact us at for more information or sign up as an affiliate.


"Fiona was extremely professional and went above and beyond our sessions to assist me. I found Fiona to be highly informative and I believe we have already started seeing the benefits of Fiona's work translating into client numbers."

Nicholas Penny
Exercise Physiologist


About Your Trainer

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Fiona Blinco is the author of “Online Marketing for Baby Boomers; and anyone else who doesn’t speak geek”. She regularly gives seminars on digital marketing topics.


Fiona owns and manages a small website agency and is a digital marketing advisor with several local government councils.

Speaking with, and listening to, lots of people who are struggling with their websites and online marketing, Fiona understands what the common questions and frustrations are. Her training is created for beginners.



Step by step video lessons, including

  • Setting up Google Ads account
  • Moving from Smart mode to Expert mode
  • Understanding Campaigns and AdGroups
  • Writing the Advert
  • Editing the Advert
  • Understanding Ad Extensions
  • Using Google's Keyword Planner Tool
  • Discovering Google Trends
  • Determining your Keyword Strategy
  • Understanding Google Ad metrics
  • Previewing Live Ad
  • Trouble-shooting Google Ads not showing
This is a Google Ads Search Ads course for beginners. We do not cover Shopping Ads, YouTube Ads or Display/Remarketing Ads.

We're all for the beginner!


YouTube's great - but...

  • the sequence of learning can often be random
  • you can waste hours and hours of time watching irrelevant videos
  • the delivery can be too fast
  • the videos may not make sense if not in the right context

Learning in a structured step-by-step way gives you the best chance of success.


"Honest, helpful practical advice. I appreciate Fiona how you understand the tradeoff of a startup on effort/time/costs vs. return on investment. I am looking forward to working more with you."

Peter Aquilina
House Proud Property Developments


What You Get

16 videos. 2 hours 12mins

Access for 12 months from date of purchase.


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