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Website Editing Course for sites built in WordPress using the Divi page builder. The course is suitable for people who have had a site built by a professional developer and are now in charge of editing it.



At the end of this training you will be able to

  • Confidently navigate the WordPress Dashboard
  • Remove, add and update text
  • Bold and format text
  • Add links
  • Understand the importance of image re-sizing
  • Upload images
  • Understand how to add buttons, testimonials and videos
  • Create a new blog article
  • Create new rows on existing pages
  • Create a new page, by copying an existing one
  • Remove a page 


Watch our sample lesson. If you like the teaching style in this video, you'll love our course.


Website Developers

If you're a website developer this course is perfect for you to refer to your clients.

Contact us at for more information or sign up as an affiliate.



Typical students for this course are business owners and marketing or communications staff who have the job of editing their website. The site has typically already been built by a website developer and now has been handed over to the business for them to update content.

This training starts at the very beginning. No prior knowledge or previous experience in editing websites or WordPress sites is required.

Ability to use a computer and be confident with editing text, for example using Microsoft Word, is assumed.

Confidence and experience in browsing the internet is assumed. There is a free bonus video which will assist beginners who need extra help in understanding browsers.

Ability to use, and have access to image software, like Photoshop or Canva, is beneficial. The image lessons will use two free online tools to assist those who don't have this software.

If you have experience in editing websites, including WordPress, you will benefit from the course. You can skip the early videos.


"Fiona’s training package was excellent. It was easy to follow, achievable and has given me a really good guide on how to maintain my website. Her attention, assistance and passion is unsurpassable."

Julia Brown
Naturopath and Remedial Massage Therapist


About Your Trainer

Fiona 260px square.jpg

Fiona owns and manages a small website agency which uses WordPress and Divi.

Through her digital marketing advisory sessions she has talked with many business owners about their experiences with editing their own websites.


Next Live Q&A

Get a taste of the training by join us for our next live Q&A session.



Step by step video lessons, including

  • How to log in and out
  • How to change your password
  • Understanding the WordPress dashboard
  • How to update text using the Divi Visual Editor
  • Image aspect ratio
  • Image sizes
  • How to replace images
  • Creating a new page by copying an existing one
  • Creating a blog article
  • Creating columns by adding or removing rows and sections
  • Adding or removing modules
  • Adding or removing pages from the navigation menu
  • Adding links

Live Q&A sessions are scheduled every second month.

This is a course on how to edit a site that has already been developed. This is not a course to learn how to build a website.

This course does not show you how to

  • install or configure plugins
  • do software (eg. plug-in and theme) updates
  • create backups of your site

We're keeping it non-techy!

We recommend you work with your website developer for the above tasks.

What You Get

10 videos. 1 hour 45mins

Access for 12 months from the date of purchase.


"I attended Fiona's workshop and oh wow, it’s making more sense to me. Fiona explains it in everyday language, not IT or geeky language so the 'normal' person can understand it. Thanks again Fiona and I look forward to getting my website working better."

Natalie Drazil
Anja Dance


YouTube's great - but...

  • the sequence of learning can often be random
  • the delivery can be too fast
  • you can often waste hours and hours of time watching videos that are irrelevant

Learning in a structured step-by-step way gives you the best chance of success.

WordPress Divi online video course offers step-by-step training and live Q&A sessions every 2nd month.


Easy As Web is the training division of DIY Digital, South Australia


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