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Digital Marketing made Easy As.

Our unique and road tested training is perfect for do-it-yourself sole traders, small business owners and marketing staff members.

Our videos are carefully created and produced to give you the best learning outcomes.


"Would highly recommend. Fiona is great in breaking down the digital world into easily accessible and understandable information that will be of practical help. Thanks!"

Anne Ogden




About Your Trainer

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Fiona Blinco is the author of “Online Marketing for Baby Boomers; and anyone else who doesn’t speak geek”. She regularly gives seminars on digital marketing topics.


Fiona owns and manages a small website agency and is a digital marketing advisor with several local government councils.

Speaking with, and listening to, lots of people who are struggling with their websites and online marketing, Fiona understands what the common questions and frustrations are. Her training is created for beginners.


"Thank you for a wonderful workshop/seminar Fiona! Absolutely loved it!"

Mollie Hammond
Please Yourself Travel

YouTube's great - but...
  • you can waste hours and hours of time watching irrelevant videos
  • the sequence of learning can often be random
  • the delivery can be too fast

Learning in a structured step-by-step way gives you the best chance of success.


Website Developers and Affiliate Marketers

These courses are suitable for referrals from website and marketing agencies. If you've got clients who want to give it a go themselves, or learn more about it and come to appreciate and understand what's involved - these courses are perfect.

If you're already an affiliate marketer looking for more great products with great commission - you'll find these courses are just right.

Earn 50% commission with every sale.

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