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Are you struggling to understand how you can promote your business online? Are you spending too much time on YouTube not finding the right videos?

End the frustration with our step-by-step courses that show you how to master your online marketing.

Our unique and road tested training is perfect for do-it-yourself sole traders, small business owners and staff members tasked with the job of editing websites and managing the email marketing.

Our videos are carefully created and produced to give you the best learning outcomes.

"Would highly recommend. Fiona is great in breaking down the digital world into easily accessible and understandable information that will be of practical help. Thanks!"

Anne Ogden

Check out our 4 most popular courses.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a complex area. Our training course breaks it down into step-by-step videos with screenshots, examples, explanations and demonstrations. The course takes you through the practical steps that you can do on your website to optimize it to be seen on Google searches. The course is suitable for ecommerce sites, bricks and mortar shops, small offices, work-from-home freelancers, consultants and sole traders.

Are you wanting to build your own website but not sure which website platform to trust for your project or business? Our Do-It-Yourself Website course is perfect for you. It takes you through 3 website platforms that all have an unlimited free trial, support desk and good documentation.

MailChimp is an easy to use email marketing platform. It's free to use if you have 500 or less subscribers in your list. In this course we show you how to use MailChimp to send emails to your list of subscribers.

Google Ads is difficult to set up right. Many business owners become disillusioned when they give it a try only to find the adverts don't work. Setting up the account and campaigns correctly makes a big difference to the success. In this course we show you how to set up your account correctly and move from smart to expert mode. We show you how to navigate the dashboard, what to write in your advert and how to choose the best keywords.

YouTube's great - but...

  • You can waste hours and hours of time watching irrelevant videos
  • The sequence of learning can often be random
  • The delivery can be too fast

Learning in a structured step-by-step way gives you the best chance of success.

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Fiona owns and manages a small website agency in South Australia. She is also a digital marketing advisor with several local government councils.

Fiona has listened to lots of people who are struggling with their websites and online marketing. She understands what the common problems are for beginners. Her training explains in simple terms how to use the platforms and what are the important (and not important) parts to master.

Not too fast and step-by-step, her training is delivered just right!

Website Developers and Affiliate Marketers

The Easy As Web Editing Divi WordPress Site course is suitable for WordPress website developers who are using the Divi pagebuilder. This course is suitable to purchase for your clients so they can learn how to update the site you have developed for them. Once the website is developed, your client, with the help of this course, can learn how to edit text and images on their site. They don't learn about hosting or plug-ins and other technical tasks - we encourage them to go back to you for this. The course is ideal if you are keen to provide excellent after-sales customer service.

The Practical SEO for Beginners course is suitable for SEO agencies looking for ways to improve their communication and trust with clients. This course demonstrates the breadth of the work SEO professionals do. Clients who undertake this course will be in a better position to engage with, and support the work of, their SEO agency.

Digital marketing agencies with clients who are unlikely to pay for full fee services, and want to give it a go themselves, will find the Easy As Web courses suitable to recommend.

If you're already an affiliate marketer looking for more great products with great commission - you'll find these courses are just right.

Learn more about our affiliate marketing opportunity.

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