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Our unique and road tested training is perfect for do-it-yourself sole traders, small business owners and marketing staff members.

Our videos are carefully created and produced to give you the best learning outcomes.

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Practical SEO for Beginners

SEO training for ecommerce sites, bricks and mortar shops, small offices, work-from-home freelancers, consultants and sole traders.

Step-by-step videos with screenshots, examples, explanations and demonstrations. Carefully created and produced video tutorials.

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Do-It-Yourself Website

The Do-It-Yourself Website course is perfect if you're looking for the best website platform for your personal project, online CV or business website.

We demonstrate 3 website platforms that all have an unlimited free trial, a support desk and good documentation.

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MailChimp Newsletters

MailChimp is an easy to use platform and for lists under 500 it's free. Learn how to create and send email newsletters to your clients, customers or members.

Especially suitable for business-to-business, not-for-profits and businesses who get customers from referrals and word-of-mouth.

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Google Search Ads for Beginners

Tried Google Ads but it didnt' work? This course will show you how to set up your advertising the right way. Learn the tips 'n tricks to making Google Ads work.

Quality produced videos that guide you through the maze of Google AdGroups and Campaigns.

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About Your Trainer

Fiona owns and manages a small website agency, and is a digital marketing advisor with several local government councils, in South Australia.

Fiona has listened to lots of people who are struggling with their websites and online marketing. She understands what the common problems are for beginners. Her training explains in simple terms how to use the platforms and what are the important (and not important) parts to master.

Not too fast, not too slow, her training is delivered just right!


Not sure if this training is right for you? Try out the Google Reviews course for $1.

This quick 17minute course shares hints 'n tips on how to get more Google reviews. Check out the Google Reviews course here.

"Fiona has the (unique in this space) ability to explain complex matters in a simple way, enabling the participant to move forward from where they are at. I now have a way forward with SEO for my website. SEO for beginners is great value and practically focussed. Fiona's skills are very valuable in a space so crammed with technonerds."

Alan Crocker
Please Yourself Travel