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Is Wordpress a good solution for clients to edit their website?

Many clients love being able to update their own site without calling in the developer for every tiny adjustment, updated text or new blog article. If the developer has a backlog of work and/or charges a high hourly rate, clients can save both time and money by editing their own website.

Wix or SquareSpace

If a site is built using Wix, SquareSpace or one of the other easier website platforms, handing over the keys to the client to update their own site doesn't come with a risk the site will break. The client can still make the site look second rate, by putting images in odd places or adding too much text in a small space. However they are unlikely to technically break the site as these platforms don't allow access to areas where stuff can go wrong.

The other benefit of Wix or a similar proprietary site, for client handover, is that it is edited in the same way. In other words, one Wix website is edited in the same way as another Wix website. There are multiple videos available to the would-be Wix editor, and most of them will be fit for purpose.


Throw WordPress into the mix, and the situation is different. WordPress has access to thousands of themes and hundreds of page builders. All of which can change the way a site is updated and edited.

In addition, in WordPress a client can do some serious damage. One small tick box can bring the site down.

But WordPress is a popular platform for website developers - with good reason - you can build great sites to exact specifications.

So is WordPress a good solution for clients to edit their website?

WordPress isn't the best solution for clients to edit their own website. One of the easier platforms would be better. While it may not be the best solution, it is still a good solution. The client can have a great site which is likely to be better than what the simpler platforms can deliver and it can be updated without coding knowledge.

Control Access

One thing you can do is put limits on a clients log in - for example make them an editor or author rather than admin. And there’s probably a bunch of other things you can do to limit their access to the more complicated areas.


Training is often put in the too hard basket - but done well it can go a long way to having happy clients who can edit their own site without breaking it.

It can be difficult and time consuming to provide training - as every WordPress website is a little different.

Delivery of training based on the page builder being used standardizes the information for the learner. For example, editing a site built with the page builder Divi will be very similar to editing another site built with Divi but dissimilar to editing one with Elementor, WP Bakery Builder or any of the other popular WordPress page builders.

Providing relevant screenshots and demonstrations that make sense to their site enables the learner to get an immediate understanding.

By the same token, removing irrelevant learning, like setting up hosting or installing plug-ins, means the student is not wading through useless (to them) information.

Easy As Web Divi WordPress Course

The Easy As Web website editing course provides relevant learning for clients who have had their website built by a professional developer using the Divi page builder.

After Sales Service

Website development is an industry where after sales service is hard to deliver.

Top quality after sales service is good for you because it's good for your customer. When you help them get the most out of their website, they're naturally happier with it. This makes clients more likely to tell other people about how good you are.

Training is an essential part of a website developer's after sales service.

If you're a website developer who builds in WordPress using the Divi page builder take a look at how our course can help you deliver great after sales service.

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